Politics and Tactics with Frank Ricci, Anthony Avillo and Chris Pepler

Politics and Tactics with Frank Ricci, Anthony Avillo and Chris Pepler

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June show! Flashover and Dealing with the Media

Flashover and the Handling a Crises in the Media

Pull up a chair, June's show was the best one yet!

Special Guest Dave Statter

Part 1. We cover flashover training the pros and cons along with tactics to address flashover.
Always keep the mind that many of the warning signs of flashover may be masked by dark smoke:

Fire Propagation down the wall
Improperly venting
and the most reliable, high heat

While most were taught not to play water on smoke. If you believe flashover in coming on it is alright to hit the smoke to allow you to hit the seat of fire or back out. It all goes back to training, training and training.

We cover super heated gear and the fact that you can get properly trained without destroying gear!

Part 2
Dave Statter interview that all officers and firefighters should listen to!
Dave covers reputation equity and your departments credibility.

Facebook and twitter friend or foe is covered and getting the story out first, right and behind you. If you haven't thought about crises management you are stetting your self up for failure.

Dave is the fire services top guy for crises management. So pull up a chair grab a beer!

Remember if you are having a political issue in your department and you would like to bring an elected leader on the show give us a call: Frank Ricci 203-285-4907

Dave Statter
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